Over the past few years, news about a new Tool album—what would be their first LP since 2006’s 10,000 Days—has periodically made its way through the Internet grapevine. Earlier this year, frontman Maynard James Keenan tweeted a confirmation that the elusive new record was finally close to completion, noting that the vocals were tracked and they were in the process of mixing the album.

The latest update from the Tool camp is that the highly anticipated studio record will be released in mid-April, according to drummer Danny Carey.

Carey revealed the new information during an autograph signing session at this weekend’s NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. In the YouTube video below, you’ll hear a fan ask if there was any update on the Tool album, to which Carey replies: “Yeah, it’s gonna be out in mid-April. That’s the plan, anyway.”

[Video: Dirk Doucette]

In addition to the release update, an associate of the band, Gabriel Shaffer, reportedly heard the new record in its entirety this weekend, according to Metal Injection. In an Instagram post that’s since been edited, Shaffer wrote: “Still recovering from last nights hang in Hollywood at the loft. All I can say is I heard something from start to finish, that a number of us have been waiting to hear for over 10 years now. I can confirm it is worth every bit of the wait. The main question is are we worthy of it? #tool.”

Tool has also been announced on a number of festival lineups for 2019 that line up with the forthcoming album’s potential release. Fans can head over to the band’s website for a full list of upcoming Tool dates.