Tool put out their last album in 2006, and the band has claimed its next release is right around the proverbial corner for a few years now. Despite this, its been a very long time since fans got a substantive taste of any new music.

That all changed today when Tool released a promo video for an upcoming music clinic tour. While the video is short on details (at least about the nature of the backing track), it’s clear that it features three-and-a-half minutes of new instrumental music from the beloved progressive metal band. There’s no telling whether or not this material will appear on the supposedly forthcoming album, but it’s sure to get Tool fans excited about what’s in store when the long-awaited LP it finally arrives.

Earlier this year, Tool guitarist Adam Jones revealed that the band had hit the studio to begin recording the follow up to their 2006 record 10,000 Days. Jones confirmed the news via an Instagram post that showed him in a studio with audio engineer Joe Barresi, who mixed their 2006 album.

As previously reported, Jones and two other members of Tool—drummer Danny Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor—will embark on an intimate music clinic tour (the same one they’re promoting in the newly-released clip) next month. The trio will head to a number of venues, where they “walk attendees through a handful of the band’s songs, from the process of writing them to playing them live.”

Tool Music Clinics Tour Promo (with new music)