Tool‘s forthcoming album—if we can truly call it that—has been in the works for a very long time. So long, in fact, that many fans have begun to doubt it will ever come at all. At least, many of them were doubting it until a spate of exciting developments brought some fire back to the Toolverse earlier this year.

Those doubting fans got another indication that Tool’s long-awaited album is on the way this weekend when the progressive metal giants headlined Wisconsin’s Northern Invasion festival. Alternative Nation reports that Sunday night’s show found frontman Maynard James Keenan imploring his bandmates—drummer Danny Carey, bassist Justin Chancellor, and guitarist Adam Jones—to finish recording their parts of the new album so he could get down to recording his vocal tracks.

“I’m afraid of bananas, and other forms of fruit, because eventually you wonderful people are going to run out of fucking patience. So I beg you Danny, Adam, and Justin, please finish your parts so I can finish mine.”

The on-stage declaration is the latest sign that Tool’s new album is finally on the horizon, but it isn’t the first. Last month, Tool released their first new music in over decade as part of a promo video advertising a series of music clinics hosted by Carey, Chancellor, and Jones. The instrumental segment wasn’t a complete song, but it was enough to get fans salivating. Then, on the first stop of the aforementioned music clinic tour, Carey, Chancellor, and Jones revealed that every song on the forthcoming album will be more than 10 minutes long.

Of course, all of these developments took place a couple of months after Tool announced that the recording process for their next record was underway in earnest. And just in case fans had their doubts about that, members of the band confirmed it via Instagram.

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