Trent Reznor hasn’t released any new music in quite some time. After writing the score for the movie Gone Girl in 2014, the Nine Inch Nails man has been relatively quiet, as he’s been focused on his work as one of the leading creators of Apple Music. That being said, back in December 2015, Reznor did promise that new material was coming, from both NIN and “other stuff”.

Well, it seems Reznor has delivered his first piece of “other stuff”, as he and his frequent collaborator, Atticus Ross, have released a new song on iTunes, as originally reported by Consequence of Sound, and it is truly out of this world. The track is called “Juno”, and it’s being released in celebration of NASA’s Juno Mission, which will enter Jupiter’s orbit on July 4th and fly closer to the planet than any previous NASA probe. The track, which is more like a snippet from a score to a film, actually samples recordings of Jupiter singing in the night’s sky.

The song is now available for streaming and download on iTunes. We can’t wait to see what Reznor has in store for for the rest of 2016!