The GRAMMY Museum has shared footage of a discussion and performance featuring Trey Anastasio. The event followed a screening of Between Me And My Mind, the 2019 documentary about the Phish guitarist.

Between Me And My Mind was released for a one-time theatrical screening on April 26th, 2019. The documentary film followed Trey as he navigated Phish’s upcoming New Year’s Eve show at Madison Square Garden, as well as living his everyday life with family and friends.

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In the opening chat, host Scott Goldman asks Trey about his experience with the filmmaking process and a host of other topics. Trey, somewhat ironically, states how he found the idea of hearing his own voice “too weird,” which kept him from watching much of the film before its final cut. It seems kind of strange that a man who has spent his life recording music and performing live would get weirded out by hearing the sound of his own voice, but okay.

After about 30 minutes of chit chat, Goldman leaves Trey alone onstage with his acoustic guitar. The proceeding set is like something out of Trey’s solo tour, where he intersperses amusing anecdotes between stripped-down acoustic versions of fan-favorite songs. Opening with the recently-revived “Snowflakes in the Sand”, Trey runs through a medley of Phish favorites, including “Brian and Robert”, “Blaze On”, and “Strange Design”. He then dips into the Ghosts of the Forest catalog with “Brief Time”, before transitioning into “Free”, followed by “Limb by Limb”. Trey then embarks on his first acoustic performance of “A Life Beyond A Dream”, before closing out with “More”.

Watch Trey Anastasio discuss Between Me and My Mind and perform an acoustic set at the GRAMMY Museum.

Trey Anastasio — GRAMMY Museum — 9/25/19 — Full Show and Discussion

[Video: GRAMMY Museum]

While Phish was forced to reschedule its upcoming summer tour to 2021, that hasn’t slowed Trey down. Since beginning quarantine back in March, Trey has kept up a prodigious output of new, original material from his New York apartment. Additionally, Phish is in the midst of the Dinner and a Movie webcast series, the seventh installment of which airs on Tuesday. Add that in with the recent release of Sigma Oasis, the band’s latest studio effort, and it appears that Trey has plenty to keep himself busy.

Setlist: Trey Anastasio | GRAMMY Museum | Los Angeles, CA | 9/25/19

Set: Snowflakes In The Sand, Brian And Robert, Blaze On, Brief Time > Free, Limb By Limb, A Life Beyond The Dream[1], More

[1] Trey solo acoustic debut

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