Trey Anastasio recently sat down with Ari Fink for a 2021 “Year In Review” segment, set to air on  SiriusXM Phish Radio today, Wednesday, December 22nd at 4:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to Phish Radio (Ch. 29) to listen live or head to the “interviews” tab on the SiriusXM app to listen on-demand.

Ahead of the Phish Radio year-ending special, Fink has shared a clip from the conversation in which Anastasio looks back at the various “stunts” the band has executed—or, at least, attempted to execute—over the course of their nearly four-decade career.

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In a preview clip shared ahead of the special’s premiere this afternoon, Trey thinks back on the “most dicey” stunt Phish has attempted. “The most dangerous, honestly, was—and this is a funny story that the band members know but nobody else does—so, when we wanted to do the hot dog [stunt, NYE 1994 at Boston Garden], they had to have four individual guys from the union … safety guys … and these special belts. So we went, we had a whole routine, we got in the hot dog, and it was very thin and wobbly. And then the guy comes over, he belts me down, like, with a lever, and he taps me on the shoulder, meaning, ‘You’re safe, go. Launch hot dog.’ Hot dog goes up in the air.”

Trey continues, “And as I was going up in the air, the seatbelt just went [sliding sound]. It just fell off. I wasn’t latched at all. It just fell off. So the thing was kind of like wobbling around, and I’m leaning over throwing these hot dogs at people. No safety, no safety of any kind … and very high. That was really high. … so I was just hanging on, but it was a very wobbly hot dog. So that was probably the most dangerous.”

After some pretty harrowing incidents surrounding recent years’ aerial stunts, we’re hoping Phish keeps things at ground level this year. Watch Trey Anastasio reflect on Phish’s history of onstage stunts as part of the 2021 Phish Radio “Year In Review” special and a video clip of the stunt in question below.

Phish Hot Dog Stunt – 12/31/94

[Video: Worcester2003]

Phish is set to return to Madison Square Garden beginning on Wednesday, December 29th for a four-night New Year’s Eve run. For more information and a full list of upcoming Phish tour dates, head here.


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