Trey Anastasio Band has released a new live album, Burn It Down, on all digital platforms. As Anastasio explains in a note announcing the new release, the record is comprised of cuts from Trey Anastasio Band’s January 2020 tour mixed by Vance Powell, who worked on Phish‘s 2020 album, Sigma Oasis, as well as Trey’s 2019 Ghosts of the Forest album.

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Read the full note from Trey Anastasio announcing the coming release of live album Burn It Down below:

Over the past few years there’s been an indescribable momentum with TAB. The band seems to get tighter with each successive tour. This past January, we were firing on all cylinders, and it was reflected in the faces of the people coming to the shows. I could feel it and see it every single night — the intensity of the dancing, the smiles on people’s faces, the feeling of unity.

So immediately after that tour, I put plans in motion to begin a TAB album in the spring. The pandemic changed those plans, and when everything was cancelled, I began working at home on what would later become Lonely Trip.

Meanwhile, my friend Vance Powell, who produced this new TAB album, called and told me there was already enough great material on tape from the January tour to make the best TAB album ever, and make it a live album. So he started sending me mixes. I loved them. We both agreed that Burn It Down, a line from the song ‘Set Your Soul Free,’ was the perfect title, because it encapsulated exactly what had been happening onstage every night.

When I listen to this album, it reminds me how much I miss playing live music. In some ways, it’s hard for me to listen for that reason. I can’t wait to experience this again. I miss it so much.

Added Vance Powell in a press release, “Producing and mixing Burn It Down has been absolutely one of my favorite projects ever. The band is slamming!”

Listen to Burn It Down, the new live album from the Trey Anastasio Band, below via Spotify or via the platform of your choice here.

Trey Anastasio Band – Burn It Down – Track Listing

Camel Walk
Set Your Soul Free
About To Run
Rise Come Together
Dark And Down
Alive Again
Ether Sunday
Love Is What We Are
Simple Twist Up Dave
First Tube

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While his 2020 tours were axed along with the rest of the industry, Trey Anastasio has been keeping plenty busy amid the ongoing pandemic. In addition to Phish’s Sigma Oasis, Trey also released a quarantine solo album, Lonely Trip, and served as the first musical guest to perform in-studio on a late-night talk show post-Covid when he performed with The Roots on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

On Thursday, Trey appeared as part of the City Parks Foundation virtual SummerStage Jubilee stream on Thursday, September 17th at 8:00 p.m. alongside Sting, Leslie Odom Jr., Roseanne Cash, and more. Anastasio performed a pair of songs, “Everything’s Right” and “More”, spoke about his love for the city and Central Park, and shared his memories of seeing David Bowie sit in with Arcade Fire at SummerStage. Relive the entire benefit stream here.