Trey Anastasio is back at his quarantine sessions with a rendition of “Till We Meet Again”. The Phish guitarist wrote the song back in 2018 when his childhood friend Chris Cottrell was dying of cancer, and has played at over a dozen solo acoustic shows.

“Till We Meet Again” comes exactly two weeks since Trey’s last song from quarantine, “The Silver Light“. Given the Phish guitarist’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, as well as the release of the new Phish album Sigma Oasis, he probably deserved a break.

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This song finds Trey equipped with his acoustic guitar, playing a soft melody in his hallway. The video description notes that Trey is, “Just a guy in the hallway trying not to wake up his wife.” Given the song’s gentle nature, it may have been more appropriate to play beside his sleeping wife. “Till We Meet Again” is the kind of acoustic lullaby that could rock even the crankiest baby into a gentle slumber. No doubt, it could do the same for Sue Anastasio. The song marks Trey’s first all-instrumental foray throughout quarantine, and while the song isn’t new, it does fit in a pattern of the evolution of his songwriting style confined by limited resources.

Watch Trey Anastasio perform “Till We Meet Again” from his quarantine.

Trey Anastasio  – “Till We Meet Again”

For those counting, “Till We Meet Again” is the thirteenth song Trey has recorded in quarantine, (following “The Silver Light“, “My World Is My Home“, “Are You There Colleen?”“Lonely Trip”“Shaking Someone’s Outstretched Hand”“I Never Left Home”“Lotus”“When The Words Go Away”“Timeless”“I Never Needed You Like This Before”“The Greater Good”, and “Lost In The Pack”). All of this is in addition to the new Phish album, Sigma Oasis, released on April 2nd. While the future of concerts and live events is uncertain, Trey clearly has plenty to keep him busy through a long quarantine.