In a recent TV interview, Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio commented on the status of the band’s tour plans in 2021. The appearance on Vermont’s WCAX News came as Anastasio and the Divided Sky Foundation announced the purchase of their substance use disorder treatment facility in Ludlow, VT, funded in large part by the $1.2 million in donations collected in conjunction with Trey’s 2020 Beacon Jams.

In the first portion of the appearance, Trey spoke to host Darren Perron about the new facility and its mission to offer lifelines to families and communities in Vermont who are struggling with addiction. “COVID has made things a lot worse,” Anastasio explained. “[Addiction] numbers are up and treatment options are down.”

He also spoke about his desire to give back to his community as a result of his own experience with addiction and recovery. He had been able to get the help he needed when he needed it, he explained, and he hopes the non-profit, 40-bed facility will provide treatment options to those who may otherwise not have been able to afford them.

In the next interview segment, in addition to talking about how his Phish band members helped him through his own addiction, Anastasio addressed “what’s next” for the band.

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Trey mused, smiling, “Well, we’re standing by the door with guitar cases and drumsticks, waiting for someone to call. … I actually think it’s gonna happen. We have lots of conversations about it and the landscape is changing, slowly. But there’s… and end in sight, assuming that everyone keeps taking this seriously. But…”

He began to go into more detail but seemed to stop himself. “I can’t say specifics, but I have heard specifics.” He added with a hint of mischief, “I have a secret.”

He continued to reference—but not reveal—upcoming Phish tour plans amid the developing pandemic picture: “With the vaccine and everything, I hope that by the… no, I can’t say. I think we’ll be back pretty soon.”

As of now, Phish’s 2021 summer tour—rescheduled from 2020—is still on the books and scheduled to begin on July 13th in Eugene, OR.

Watch the full interview clips at :55 here (DSF, treatment facility) and at 25:00 here (thoughts on 2021 Phish tour plans).