Trey Anastasio is back with another new song from his quarantine in NYC, “A Wave of Hope”.

While the new song releases have slowed from the near-daily schedule Trey maintained early on in the lockdown (the last new song, “If I Could Hear The World“, was shared nearly three weeks ago), it’s clear the Phish guitarist is still managing to pull plenty of artistic inspiration from our current, quarantined state of being.

While many of the videos Trey has released from his apartment over the last few months have placed an emphasis on creative video production, this new video is all about the song—a fuzzed-out rocker with an uplifting refrain: “This too shall pass.” In the clip, Trey solos on his Languedoc over a pre-recorded track, giving it the energy of a live performance rather than an isolated recording session. Perhaps more so than any of the previous quaran-Trey releases, we wouldn’t be surprised to see “A Wave of Hope” pop up at a Phish or Trey Anastasio Band show in the future—whenever those start happening again. Watch the new video below:


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Trey Anastasio has released a steady stream of new videos from his Manhattan apartment since the lockdowns began including “I Wish I Could See The World“, “Evolve”, “Till We Meet Again“, “The Silver Light“, “My World Is My Home“, “Are You There Colleen?”“If Again”“Lonely Trip”“Shaking Someone’s Outstretched Hand”“I Never Left Home”“Lotus”“When The Words Go Away”“Timeless”“I Never Needed You Like This Before”“The Greater Good”, and “Lost In The Pack”. All of this is in addition to the new Phish album, Sigma Oasis, released on April 2nd.

As with virtually every band in the country, Phish recently confirmed that their 2020 summer tour will be pushed to 2021 as we continue to navigate the ongoing global health crisis. That fact, however, isn’t stopping the band from gathering its fans for regular shared experiences via their weekly Tuesday night Dinner and a Movie archival streaming series.