Last night at The Gramercy Theatre, Primus leader Les Claypool brought his Duo De Twang project to New York City, and it was one of those nights where everything comes full circle.  We recently reported that Claypool will be teaming up with Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo on a fishing reality show that will be produced by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker (of which Claypool wrote the title song and has been a long-time friend).  At last night’s show, Duo De Twang brought out “Deaner” for a couple of songs, including “Battle of New Orleans” and “Cocaine Blues.” 

As if that wasn’t enough, Dean also came out for “Pipeline” along with The Reformed Whores (who opened the night) and none other than Trey Parker himself.  As is always his fashion, Claypool’s quirky humor was in fine form, as he joked with the crowd and even taunted them at one point, saying that the Philly crowd was the loudest they heard so far, which he dubbed the “Philadelphia Challenge”.  Needless to say, the NYC crowd responded to the jibes.  Claypool went on to say that it “was the best night of tour.”  If Trey Parker and Ween came out, we don’t think we could disagree with that.

Here is a video of “Pipeline” from last night.  Dean and Trey Parker appear around the 6:30 mark (They accidentally call him Matt Stone):

(Thanks to Zumic News for the video)

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