Formerly known as Cosby Sweater, funky livetronica act Turbo Suit released their new Back To Life EP yesterday. We anticipated the release at the end of the month, but were pleasantly surprised when the unexpected five-track funk-rocker came a few days early. The Indianapolis trio were clearly confident with their most recent work of art, and with good reason. Though it was through their good hearts that they decided to release the EP early.

“We decided today that Easter was the best day to drop Back to Life. Complete coincidence it was called this but it just a made sense. It was supposed to be available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music on 3/31, but I thought just dropping it on people today would be fitting,” explains David Embry on yesterday’s release.

Back to Life consists of all original music, including the opening title track “Back To Life,” for which they released a music video for last month. The track features the lovely vocals of Kelly Marie, who also appears on another track from the EP, “Unbound.” Carlos Seise also appears on the record, for a bass-heavy, synth-driving, track “Death Trap.” The funky numbers of “Bloom” and “Sex Journey” bring groovy balances to the spectrum of this genre-spanning collection of songs.

The entire album takes a futuristic approach to their contemporary sound; neither electronic music nor dance music, Turbo Suit’s Back to Life is definitive of the direction their music is taking in 2016. Embry continues, “We recorded this entire album in between tour stops in Grand Haven Michigan. This album was different for us because we live recorded nearly every sound you hear. I would say only about 2% of the album was programmed in Ableton. This is a much different approach than any other album we have done.”

So here’s your soundtrack for Monday, courtesy of Turbo Suit:

Turbo Suit’s next stop is in Carbondale, as they make their rounds for their summer’s national tour. Visit their website for upcoming dates in a city near you.