On Friday night, Turkuaz kept the Halloween spirit alive into November with a Hockey-themed show. After a “Charge!” organ line set tone for the packed-out crowd, the band emerged dressed as hockey players—that is, excepts for keyboardist/saxophonist Chris Brouwers, who played the part of the referee.

The need for ref became clear during an early-set “Make You Famous”, during which the on-ice tensions between singers Shira Elias and Sammi Garett began to visibly boil over. The “trash talk” between Shira and Sammi reached its peak when the two dropped their gloves and proceeded to throw down—hockey style. The fight raged on until referee Brouwers came out from behind his rig to break it up and encourage fair play for the rest of the show (game?). You can watch the Turkuaz hockey fight go down below:


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A fight broke out at the @turkuazband show in Buffalo last night… #turkuaz #halloween #liveforlivemusic 🎥: @danibrandwein

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Setlist: Turkuaz | Town Ballroom | Buffalo, NY | 11/1/19

Set: Charge! Organ Call, Nightswimming, Doktor Jazz, Make You Famous, Heat Drop, If I Ever Fall Asleep, E.Y.E., Mister Man, Digitonium, Big Business/Murder Face, Take ‘Em Down, Every1’s A Winner, Superstatic, Better Get Ready, Lookin’ Tough, Feelin’ Good, Gogo Mr. Dodo, The Shape I’m In

Encore: Monkey Fingers