To say that Turkuaz has been on fire this year would be an understatement. Over the summer, the Brooklyn-based funk powerhouse made a spectacular debut at both Bonnaroo, where their performance garnered critical acclaim, and the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre supporting Lettuce. In the months since wrapping up their summer festival circuit, the group has embarked on an extensive fall tour, mesmerizing the West Coast with their dazzling live shows. The buzz around Turkuaz has been deservedly growing louder recently, and it seems like the sky is the limit for this tight group of nine funksters.

Tourkuaz Diary #3: Turkuaz Hits Colorado And Reflects On Las Vegas Shooting

Today, the band has released a brand-new single and a trippy accompanying music video for “On The Run”, a track produced by Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads. The psychedelic video follows Broad City actor Chris Roberti as he navigates a crazy night at Brooklyn’s House Of Yes, a music venue and performance space that functions more of an indoor circus of sorts. The video—directed by Jay Sansone and produced by Dani Brandwein—is simultaneously whimsical and dark, complementing the vibe of the disco-infused tune.

Turkuaz Honors Tom Petty, Invites DJ Williams In Los Angeles [Video]

As Jerry Harrison noted of Turkuaz’s “On The Run”, “Working with Turkuaz was a total blast. We had first met when my daughter and I performed ‘Take Me to the River’ with them at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Playing that night, I was impressed with the nuances they had picked up from Talking Heads and knew that they would be fun to work with.” He continued, “Their level of musicianship was inspiring and we moved quickly through the recording process. I wanted to spend some time drawing out the power of their singing which can become submerged with such a powerful band between them. I think the results speak for themselves.”

Listen to the latest from Turkuaz, and enjoy the crazy music video for “On The Run” below.