On Thursday, Turkuaz announced the long-awaited digital release of their 2019 concert film, None’s A Ton. The feature-length film, which was premiered at a sold-out, red carpet event in Brooklyn, NY in September 2019, will be available via major digital platforms like iTunesAmazonGoogle PlayXbox, and Vimeo On Demand starting Tuesday, March 31st.

In addition to the digital release of the None’s A Ton film, the band has announced that an accompanying soundtrack will be released as a limited-edition deluxe triple LP vinyl package. You can pre-order your digital copy of the film and your limited-edition None’s A Ton vinyl here.

None’s A Tone: A Turkuaz Live Concert Film – Official Trailer

“After a long wait, we’re thrilled to finally be sharing this with the world,” expresses Turkuaz frontman and None’s A Ton co-director, Dave Brandwein.

None’s A Ton—co-directed and co-produced by the band’s creative director, Dani Brandwein—is a 100-minute film which forever encapsulates the “colors era” of Turkuaz (in case you missed it, the band recently shed its notable rainbow color scheme for a muted, four-tone aesthetic to go along with their latest Kuadrochrome EP). Throughout the concert film experience, fans can hear music spanning the band’s extensive catalog, including songs from their very first record through their most recent full-length release, Life in the City, and everything in between.

As Dave Brandwein told Live For Live Music in an interview ahead of the film’s premiere,

“We always approached our live show in ways that I felt create moments and create an art to the set, create cinematic things using choreography. That’s always been sort of our blueprint, and to finally now capture it on film is really gratifying. Having it finally captured this way, it feels like we’re kind of tying a bow on this whole era of the band.”

“This film is the culmination of 6 years of live touring, boiled down into a 100-minute film consisting of two sets,” Dani Brandwein elaborates in a press release. “Though the band moves onward to new horizons, we are very excited to have this version—the ‘colors era’—of our show forever captured on film and available digitally everywhere. We hope our fans are equally excited. So put it on the biggest screen you’ve got and turn it up loud!”

The band also addressed the irony of the film’s timely release with regard to the current state of widespread self-quarantine in which the digital release will arrive. Notes Dave Brandwein in a press release, “Amidst a chaotic time where live music is basically illegal, it couldn’t be coming at a better time! We swear we didn’t plan this!”

Turkuaz expounded upon this concept in a post on the band’s Facebook page. “It’s a scary time in the world, and our band, the entire entertainment industry, and nearly EVERY industry and walk of life have been completely blind-sided by this new and overwhelming reality,” the band explained in the post. “So many people’s futures are uncertain, and there is a lot of fear out there. Live music is often a way for people to find solace amidst the chaos in their lives, and to find a release from their every day struggles. And now, that escape has been compromised…We feel that we’ve captured the live Turkuaz experience so that you can enjoy it right in your own home, which seems eerily appropriate right now. Also eerily appropriate, is the title. We understand that it’s difficult for people to isolate themselves, but in order for this pandemic to pass as soon as possible it’s absolutely imperative that we all accept this reality. Staying inside and in isolation is the MOST you can possibly to do help. In other words: ‘None’s a Ton’ – right now at this moment in time.”

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