A few social media savvy Turkuaz fans have begun to notice that the band’s latest release, Digitonium, not only borrows some lyrical and aesthetic aspects from Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone” (1963), but that the album actually syncs up with the film beginning to end.

Most would immediately draw parallels to the classic mythology surrounding Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon syncing up with MGM’s “The Wizard of Oz”. While the synchronicity was thought to have been premeditated by the band, this ended up being most likely false, though it didn’t stop millions of stoned college kids from enjoying the show in their dorm rooms all over the world.

Turkuaz did release a promo video with some “Wizard of Oz” footage back in July. Perhaps this was a clue? There seem to be many clues throughout the record referring to “The Sword in the Stone,” including lyrical mentions of “Sir Ector” (King Arthur’s foster father), “Whiz Bang Wizard” (Merlin, Arthur’s mentor), “Snick Snack Snorum” (one of Merlin’s spells), “Uther” (King Arthur’s father), and many more.

Even the title Digitonium itself is borrowed from a song in the film, but the band has not said anything directly about the album actually syncing up directly with the Disney classic.

Decide for yourself if it’s for real and watch the full synced version here. For those with shorter attention spans, check out just the second song, “Lift it Up,” below:

For those who want to try and sync it themselves at home and keep it old school: Match the first beat with the exact moment the blue “Buena Vista” screen appears. Enjoy!

Watch the entire movie synced to the album here:


– Adhan Ambrosius