On Thursday, Twiddle returned to the Drive-In Live in Swanzey, New Hampshire to make up a postponed show that was originally set to occur on September 10th. That concert, the first of a two-night run, was originally pushed back due to inclement weather.

The show marked the latest outing for the Vermont-bred jam quartet, who have existed on a steady diet of socially-distant and drive-in concerts throughout the past few months. On Friday and Saturday, Twiddle performed two sold-out pod concerts at South Farms in Morris, CT.

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The band certainly rewarded those Northeastern fans willing to come out on a work night with an electrifying show, kicking off with “Mamunes The Faun”. From there, the first set began and didn’t look back, as a marathon of segues and sandwiches rolled on into “Dr. Remidis Melodrium”. Things kept moving without a break into “Apples”, and then brought full circle with a reprisal of “Mamunes”.

Twiddle didn’t even stop for a breath after the reprise, however, and fired up “River Drift”, which the band noted in a setlist posted to Facebook had a “new arrangement?”. Whatever the arrangement, the jams kept coming with “Doinkinboink”, then took an unexpected hard turn into a cover of Primus‘ “Too Many Puppies” before reprising “Doinkinboink” to close out the first set.

Things got heated quickly in set two despite the lowering temperatures in the Northeastern night with a run through “The Machine” that featured—according to the band—a “huge jam.” After that came the first actual stoppage of play between songs—other than the setbreak itself—before Twiddle threw down a layer of “Subconscious Prelude” as the bread in what would prove to be a jam sandwich. After segueing into “Tom’s Song”, which teased “Forty Six & 2” by Tool, Twiddle brought it back around to “Subconscious Prelude”.

The musical antics were far from over when the band counted off “Brown Chicken Brown Cow”, which would along the way find the band breaking into the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap. After that, Twiddle rode that chicken and cow into a extended “Swanzey Jam”, then finally into “Frankenfoote” to close out set two. Hitting the stage for the encore, Twiddle chose the eternal pairing of “Hattie’s Jam” into “When It Rains It Pours”, and that was all they wrote.

Scroll down to check out a gallery of photos from Twiddle at the Swanzey Drive-In courtesy of Charlie Jenkins as well as fan-shot video of the entire show is also available via Michael Liacos:

Twiddle – Swanzey, NH – 10/1/20 – Set One

[Video: Michael Liacos]

Twiddle – Swanzey, NH – 10/1/20 – Set Two

[Video: Michael Liacos]

Setlist: Twiddle | Drive-In Live | Swanzey, NH | 10/1/20

Set One: Mamunes The Faun > Dr. Remidis Melodrium> Apples> Mamunes The Faun > River Drift> $ Doinkinbonk> Too Many Puppies (1) > Doinkinbonk

Set Two: The Machine #, Subconscious Prelude> Toms Song> % Subconscious Prelude, Brown Chicken Brown Cow> + Swanzey Jam> Frankenfoote

Encore: Hattis Jam>WIRIP

# – Huge jam
% – Forty Six & 2 TOOL tease
(1) – Primus
$ – new arrangement?
+ Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap