In June of this summer, we reported about NESN Red Sox commentator Tom Caron and his affinity for Vermont quartet, Twiddle. During a rain delay in the Red Sox vs. Twins game, Caron took some questions from their Twitter followers to fill the unplanned bonus time on camera, during which Caron confessed his love for Twiddle, describing them as “a new kinda ‘Dead’ type of band out of Vermont.” Well, on Saturday of this past weekend, during Twiddle’s three night run at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Caron showed up to the concert with his son to talk with the band about everything from the new Red Sox manager Alex Cora, to ‘other jam bands from Vermont.’

Caron picked a good night to see the band live for the first time, as they played a blistering set that started strong with “Blunderbuss” and ended with an energetic version of “The Fantastic Tale of Ricky Snickle”, both from their latest album Plump – Chapter 2.

Enjoy the weekend recap video, by Alex Scully, below!

Check out the setlist, as well as photographer Adam Straughn‘s gallery, below!

Setlist: Twiddle | Paradise Rock Club | Boston, MA | 11/11/17

I: Blunderbuss, Lost in the Cold > Drifter > Dr Remidis Melodium > Lost in the Cold, Doinkinbonk > Drifter

II: Amydst the myst, Beethoven and Green, Earth Mamma ext, Latin tang, Zazus Flight

E: The Fantastic Tale of Ricky Snickle