On June 20, two men sitting at a gas station in Idaho were unexpectedly accosted and detained by police.  Kootenai County sheriff’s deputies thought they heard the two men discussing the purchase of a “nickel bag”, or small quantity, of marijuana.  What the cops did not know was that the two men in question were merely chatting about/pondering why a neighboring car was blasting the music of Nickelback (a crime in and of itself if you ask any sensible music fan).

When first questioned by police, knowing the ludicrous accusations that were about to ensue, one of the men began recoding a video, which was later uploaded to YouTube, and has since gotten almost 90,000 views at the time of this article. The video starts off with the cops asking for the men’s identification, and continuing to accuse them of trying to buy a whopping $5 worth of weed. The two sheriffs were adamant that the boys were up to no good, doubting every word they said, even insinuating the imaginary marijuana sale was for their employer!

Man Filming: “Would you like me to call my boss? We just got off of work and came here.”

Deputy: “Is your boss the one you’re buying weed for?”

Here is the video of the whole ordeal shot by one of the detained men:


Aren’t we supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this country?  One of the men even suggested that the cops to approach the Nickelback-blaring-car-in-question to confirm their story. Although I doubt whoever it was would have gone on record admitting blasting Nickelback due to sheer embarassment. Then again, they were blasting it at full volume in the first place, so who knows! Despite the fact that listening to Nickelback is considered a crime to some, who knew mentioning the word Nickelback is, too?

-Alexandra Miller

 [Sources: The Washington Post ; Cour d’Alene Press ]