They say that the weather directly impacts one’s mood, which in turn is usually reflected when deciding on the day’s selection of music. That unofficial algorithm is exactly what ambient music composer Tycho is hoping to utilize with a new app he’s co-created alongside web developer Lee Martin.

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According to Medium, Tycho and Martin have launched an app named Forecast, which uses the data from geo-based weather patterns to automatically customize a unique playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

The app uses the pair of coordinates which users get with their device’s Geolocation API. The app then utilizes a customized scoring system based on the local weather patterns such as wind speed or temperature. So, a gusty day just might produce songs with a higher tempo, or the local temperature could have an affect the overall mood of the playlist.

“I think the concept works because it meets each of the three principles I strive for: Simple, Accessible, and Magic,” Martin wrote in a guest post published by Medium late last week. “These days users want to put themselves within the app and location is one of those readily available variables which can make the experience more unique.”

Martin also referenced some of the other musical clientele he’s worked with in the past, including Marilyn Manson and Khruangbin.

“Forecast connects you to the themes, visuals, and sounds of Weather by generating original playlists coordinated with local weather conditions,” Tycho, whose real name is Scott Hansen, also stated in a post to his Instagram. “Return visits to Forecast will continue to produce distinctive playlists for varying atmospheric phenomenon.”

It’s also worth noting that the weather also acts as the theme and title behind Tycho’s latest studio album, 2019’s Weather. Listen to the album’s ambient title track below.

Tycho – “Weather”

[Video: Tycho]

Head to the app website for more info.

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