Tyler Neal opens himself to divine intervention with his debut single, “Let The Spirit Take Over”. Premiering today exclusively through Live For Live Music, the studio track finds the student of late luminaries Col. Bruce Hampton and Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band) looking to one of his departed mentors for inspiration.

“Let The Spirit Take Over” was specifically written for Yonrico, the drummer Neal befriended who ultimately led him to Col. Bruce Hampton & The Madrid Express, with whom he played lead guitar up until Hampton’s untimely death in 2017. The song’s central rumbling groove was actually inspired by a drum jam Neal and Scott worked on for Yonrico’s last album prior to his death in 2019. Neal fostered and developed that rhythm with his memories of working alongside Scott to form his new tribute to an artistic guru.

“There’s a broad spectrum of what a mentor could be: to me, Yonrico was both a professional mentor and familial one,” shared Tyler, “He played a father figure role in my life.”

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In a live performance video of the single, Neal lets the spirit take over his slide guitar, possessing and moving him and the song in a way that instantly recalls Scott’s former bandmate Derek Trucks. Paired with Neal’s soulful lyrical contemplation, “Let The Spirit Take Over” is at once a song of bowed, humble reflection as well as a jubilant gospel of the soul of music.

“I wanna dance with everyone. I keep my music as open as possible, to reach people where they are,” Neal said of his music’s mission.

Check out the new Tyler Neal single “Let The Spirit Take Over” and stay tuned to his website for future releases and upcoming tour dates.

Tyler Neal Band – “Let The Spirit Take Over” (Live Performance)