Ultra Music Festival won’t have to find a new home in 2020 after all. The enormously popular electronic music event which typically takes place in late March has been offered a license to return to its former location of Bayfront Park by the Miami City Commission.

A resolution passed by the Commission acknowledges the music event’s economic and cultural impact on the city over the last two decades. The decision states the following:

“The Licensee [Ultra] has previously staged the Event at the Property [Bayfront Park] between 2013 and 2018, during which time the Licensee expended substantial resources toward the direct promotion and marketing of the City; and whereas, since 2012, the Event has generated approximately $995 million of economic impact, generating $168 million and creating 1,834 jobs in 2018 alone.”

The announcement on Wednesday follows some slightly dramatic past few months for the massive EDM event, which is produced by Ultra Enterprises. The event was forced to find a new home in Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium Flex Park for 2019 after the Miami City Commission unanimously voted to deny Ultra’s application for a new contract to continue staging their lavish annual event at Miami’s Bayfront Park after spending six years at the location. Event organizers had more headaches to deal with after local scientists and university professors claimed the onslaught of powerful sound waves coming from the event was affecting the well-being of local fisheries and wildlife.

The event’s relationship with the city of Miami finally reached a point where just last month Ultra organizers announced they will not return to Miami next year, rather they would look for a new home outside of South Florida where the festival has taken place since 1999.

The thought of losing the economic benefit must have been too much pressure for the fine Floridian folks who sit on the City Commission. It’s worth noting that the license to return in March 2020 is not set for any fixed term, and is revocable at the City’s will without consent or approval by Ultra.

The festival has yet to announce whether they’ll accept the city of Miami’s offer to return in 2020.

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