For the diehard fans of Umphrey’s McGee, perhaps no tradition is more sacred in recent years than that of UMBowl, a four-set, wholly immersive and creative experience that the band has hosted over the last six years. Between “Raw Stewage” and “All Requests” quarters, Umphrey’s McGee gives the fans a full opportunity to essentially become a part of the music.

This year’s UMBowl will take place this Friday, May 1st, at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. If you can’t make it all the way out to Sin City, not to worry – Umphrey’s and TourGigs have you covered. The event will be available to livestream as a pay-per-view broadcast, with more details available via the TourGigs event page.

The four quarters for this year’s UMBowl are: Raw Stewage, All Request, Stew Art, and Choose Your Own Adventure. Let the UM madness begin!