Umphrey’s McGee has released a surprise new single, titled “Easter In Quarantine”, via Nothing Too Fancy/Hanging Brains Music.

Penned and recorded by Jake Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss in just 15 days, “Easter In Quarantine” offers a chilling reflection on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantines that have kept many away from human contact as global populations adhere to mandated social distancing and self-quarantine guidelines.

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Cinninger, who recorded all of the instrumentation, uses a Hammond organ to usher in a somber piano melody, kick drum, and ride cymbal. Bayliss’s first lines, “Empty pockets, frozen feet/ Noone’s walking down the street,” come dripping with reverb and set up the songs refrain of “looking for a way to wait it out/ looking for a way to make it out alive.” Cinninger adds guitar harmonics here, which gives way to the uplifting promise, “I’ll see you when I see you, on the other side.” Though the song is a reflection of the despondency many of us feel, “Easter In Quarantine” somehow leaves the listener on an inspired note. Atypical of Umphrey’s, Cinninger adds a tasteful saxophone solo at the end of the track, offering listeners a sense of hope and maybe even appreciation for life itself.

In a collective statement, the band provided an even more optimistic message,

It is said a lot right now and it’s as true as ever: We are all in this together. The feelings of missing one another, of longing for more human connection, are palpable in all of us. We have constructed lives by building a community together, it’s what we know. This pause of unknown length in the middle of that is a new reality which resonates with each of us now. Music has always been an irreplaceable part of us, and it’s the way we will continue to get through it, together. And we here at Umphrey’s can’t wait to see you on the other side of this crazy moment in history.

Listen to the new Umphrey’s McGee single, “Easter In Quarantine”, below.

Umphrey’s McGee – “Easter In Quarantine”

[Video: Umphrey’s McGee]

Like virtually all bands and musicians, Umphrey’s McGee has had to cancel or postpone several shows throughout the spring and summer due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On Thursday (4/9), AEG Presents announced that it would be canceling or postponing all of its concerts in Colorado through July, which puts the Umphrey’s three-night run at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in limbo. While no official word has come down, it is likely that this event will be rescheduled. Head to the band’s website for the latest tour information.