Umphrey’s McGee has released the official audio from a duet acoustic performance from guitarists Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger earlier this year back on August 13th.

Entitled, So Little Hits, Too Much Time, fans can purchase the 30-track release on the audio format of their choice in addition to CD. Fans can also stream the album via the official app. The performance that evening was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Bob Ston and Kevin Browning.

The one-night performance took place in Bayliss’ living room and was streamed live, but this marks the first time the two have shared the soundboard audio from the private set. Songs played by the two axemen that evening included Umphrey’s originals “In The Kitchen”, “Suxity”, “Nothing Too Fancy”, “Remind Me”, and “40’s Theme”, along with covers of Led Zeppelin‘s “That’s The Way”, The Beatles’ “I Am The Walrus”, and Pat Metheny Group‘s “Last Train Home”.

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So Little Hits, Too Much Time Tracklist

1. In The Kitchen
2. Suxity
3. Illegal Words
4. Nothing Too Fancy
5. Thanks Jim Halto
6. Women, Wine & Song
7. Dinosaurs of Rock And Roll
7. That’s The Way
8. Fred Zeppelin
9. Remind Me
10. In The Kitchen
11. One Clap
12. Nopener
13. D Is Feeling Good
14. Attachments
15. Two Men, Likely Wearing Pants
16. Mother
17. Ocean Billie Eilish
18. 40’s Theme
19. Hard. And Older
20. Weight Around
21. Sussudio Pop
22. Enjoy The Silence
23. Good Song, Great Ending
24. Last Train Home
25. Franz List
26. Red Room
27. Save The Walrus
28. I Am The Walrus
29. Lateral Move
30. Gulf Stream

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Umphreys So Little Hits, Too Much Time