Umphrey’s McGee has announced their first official foray into the world of weed ahead of their upcoming Red Rocks run set to go down on June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd (grab your tickets here).

Umphrey’s is the latest in a recent string of artists to come out with branded cannabis products, from The Disco Biscuits to The Motet to Jimmy Buffett to the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart.

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The band announced the new THC extract collaboration with and MedPharm Holdings on Tuesday via a hilarious press release on the their website. Rather than attempting to paraphrase this artfully stoned announcement, we’ll just drop it below for you to read yourself:

Breaking: Jamband Sells Weed In Colorado

In an unforeseen turn of events, rock stalwarts Umphrey’s McGee apparently dabble with the devil’s lettuce. Their partnership with cannabis virtuosos MedPharm Holdings sends a clear message to the burgeoning industry that they are no longer reliant on Uncle Danny for their grass, they are here to play.

It’s a move few saw coming. Some did see it coming — and forgot. But now both industry vets and “Am I supposed to feel anything yet?” newcomers agree, UM should probably be endorsing jazz cabbage.

Named after a pair of UM original songs that no one can quite remember which is which, the Day Nurse / Night Nurse duo has arrived to further confuse the issue. Apparently formulated for “the day” (sativa), Day Nurse delivers an uplifting, energetic high that is sure to keep you from napping through your next shift at Cheba Hut. Night Nurse was created to elicit a more relax, calming effect good for that high stress Netflix binging. The kids call that indica. Avoid administering Night Nurse to grandma for restlessness despite her assurances “she was there when . . . ”

Both custom formulated strains are available in the highest quality disposable vape pens (that’s a thing now), limited edition run exclusively at all Colorado Lightshade locations.

Things you will forget but need to remember:

-Two 250mg disposable vape pens
-100% pure, uncut distillate oil
-In house grown, custom UM formulated strains
-Blue Dream sativa for Day Nurse, Screaming Gorilla indica for -Night Nurse
-Limited edition, available starting June 5th via 8 Lightshade locations
More info here, including how to order online, bundled discount, so forth so on

We recently spoke to members of the band about their weed history, the development of the “Day Nurse” and “Night Nurse” strains, and more. Stay tuned for that interview, coming this Friday, June 7th on Live For Live Music.