Umphrey’s McGee recently released their feature documentary Reel To Real, but the band has more in store! Not only can you rent or purchase the documentary, but the band is also planning the release of a soundtrack companion album!

Among the songs tracked for the new album is “Gone For Good,” a tune that started as an instrumental and was reworked with lyrics for a performance on January 1st – following a screening of Reel To Real. The album version is a composite of the debut performance and a studio rendition, merged together to create some Umphrey’s magic.

We went in-depth with UM lighting director Jefferson Waful about Reel To Real, as Waful was the director of the project. You can read all about that here

You can find audio downloads for “Gone For Good” here, or stream the track through the app. We’ll be sure to update once more information about the full soundtrack is revealed!