After making a splash and warming the hearts of Phish fans with a rendition of “Turtle in the Clouds” at their winter recital last year, an elementary school chorus from Essex, VT is back with a new Phish arrangement: “Bouncing Around the Room”.

A video of the performance at Founders Memorial School was shared in the Phish subreddit by the husband of chorus director Megan Ferris as well as by parents of some of the students. The song from 1990’s Lawn Boy, known for its whimsical lyrics and comparatively simple composition, is one of the most beloved songs in Phish’s vast repertoire, and its bubbly, buoyant tone makes it the perfect choice for a children’s chorus.

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The students’ cheerful voices bring new life to one of the most-played songs in Phish’s extensive songbook, with help from a couple of their teachers, who provide piano accompaniment and percussion.

Comments from Phish fans were supportive, if sarcastic. “ok 1/12/24 kinda slaps,” one Redditor wrote, with another noting, “No tarps.”

“Wait til you see these kids’ residency at the sphere,” someone else joked, while another put a grade-school spin on the song’s lyrics, writing, “Nap time ends and once again I’m bouncing round the room.”

Watch the Founders Memorial elementary school chorus from Essex, VT perform “Bouncing Around the Room” by Phish below.

My Wife did it again! Bouncing with her Elementary School Chorus!
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