Bobbing along the seemingly never-ending ocean that is the jam band market, it can be easy to get seasick. With constant waves of new artists crashing up against the vessel of fandom, there’s a proclivity to generalize all of it into one banal body of water. Then, off in the distance, a beacon of light can be seen. A port in a storm of generality emerges, offering a refuge of originality. The shore that reveals itself is a new one, seldom seen to previous travelers. To find a new, untapped artist is to find refuge in a bewildering storm and, on Friday, Vintage Pistol sent out a flare to all distressed sailors with the release of its new album, Energy.

Hailing from the Ozark Mountains of Fayetteville, AK, Vintage P brings with it a unique perspective into the Midwest and East Coast-dominated market. Elements of jamtronica from keyboardist Garrett August flirt with the stadium rock licks of lead guitarist Walt Blythe‘s Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall stack. That forward-facing jolt of energy tears through the lead track on Energy, “Get Down”, welcoming fans both new and old to the party that’s only just begun.

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The proceeding “Cheaper Gold” settles into a funk groove as the band displays their lyrical prowess beside their instrumental abilities as the song cleverly likens the struggles of man to that of an ’05 Ford Econoline. Vintage Pistol is also capable of depth as the eulogy of “Among The Waves” balances a reflection of grief alongside searing guitar riffs that prompt headbanging through tears. This studio work captures the band in a controlled environment, though tracks like the instrumental “Levels” offer a small snippet of the infectious grooves found at a live show.

“‘Energy: A Remedy for Roadlessness’ was recorded during the start of the pandemic in 2020 when the band was forced to stop touring,” Vintage Pistol told Live For Live Music. “This record is made up of a mix of songs that were written while touring across the country, with the rest being created basically on the spot in the studio. The band has had music released in the past, but this album feels like an introduction to who Vintage Pistol really is and can be. The name “Energy” was settled upon because that’s the word used by fans new and old to describe VP and our live performances. We just wanted to try and make sure we captured that feeling at moments across this record.”

Vintage Pistol had previously released an album in 2019, though following a lineup change and sonic shift, the band considers Energy to be a statement of where it is now. Steam the new Vintage Pistol album, Energy, via the player below or on your preferred streaming platform. Stay up to date on any tour news by subscribing to the band’s Facebook page.

Vintage Pistol — Energy