Vulfpeck leader Jack Stratton has released a new single, “How Much Do You Love Me?” featuring Jacob Jeffries, under the name Vulfmon, a moniker he used prior to the rise of Vulfpeck. The song is the first preview of the sixth Vulf Vault vinyl release, Here We Go Jack, which is currently available for preorder.

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In traditional Vulfpeck fashion, the new song comes with a video of the informal live performance featured on the recording. The video shows Jack Stratton sitting behind an electric piano with the name “Vulfmon” prominently displayed. The charismatic multi-instrumentalist fingers soulful chords as he simultaneously adds percussion with his feet using a lowboy hi-hat cymbal and electronic kick drum trigger. Jacob Jeffries meanwhile takes centerstage with a powerful vocal performance as he reads the lyrics off his phone.

The song will be featured on the forthcoming Vulf Vault vinyl release Here We Go Jack, the sixth album in the series. Each album has focused on a single Vulfpeck member, beginning with the self-titled Antwaun Stanley, then Inside the Mind of Woody Goss, the Theo Katzman-focused Theo!, the Joe Dart-centric Dart, and the most recent release, Wong’s Cafe featuring guitarist Cory Wong. Apparently, Here We Go Jack will highlight bandleader Jack Stratton as Vulfmon. The seventh and final release in the series remains undefined, though fans have speculated the album will feature Joey Dosik, since he is the last member of Vulfpeck who hasn’t been featured in the series.

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Early Vulf Vault releases tended to repackage previously released material, but the more recent editions have included new original songs. If “How Much Do You Love Me?” is any indication, Here We Go Jack will feature new compositions from Vulfpeck’s creative mastermind.

Like the rest of the Vulf Vault series, Here We Go Jack was launched with a crowdfunding campaign via Qrates, and the funding goals are higher than previous releases. The campaign began on June 1st and will run until August 11th with the goal of selling 5,000 copies of the 12″ vinyl instead of the usual 2,000 required for previous Vulf Vault releases. Fans can order the album during the project period, and records typically ship two to three months after the project has successfully ended. The album costs $30 plus $9.90 shipping.

Watch the video for Vulfmon’s “How Much Do You Love Me?” featuring Jacob Jeffries below, and click here to pre-order Here We Go Jack on 12″ black vinyl (33 rpm).

Vulfmon – “How Much Do You Love Me?” Featuring Jacob Jeffries