Uber-talented prog/funk/psychedelic/rock group Vulfpeck has just announced the release of their debut full-length album, Thrill Of The Arts. The Los Angeles-based band caught the ears of American crowds with their recent EP, Fugue State, which truly packed an explosive punch of hard hitting music. (Read the review here).

The new album is due out on October 9th, setting up a Kickstarter with a goal of only $1, as a means for people to pre-order the album and purchase various packages. With shirts, digital downloads, vinyl, and even liner note credits available, this is a great way to support the band!

Thrill of the Arts Tracklisting:

1. Welcome to Vulf Records (ft. Joey Dosik)
2. Back Pocket (ft. Christine Hucal, Theo Katzman & Mark Dover)
3. Funky Duck (ft. Antwaun Stanley)
4. Rango II (ft. Blake Mills)
5. Game Winner (ft. Charles Jones & David T. Walker)
6. Walkies
7. Christmas in L.A. (ft. David T. Walker & Theo Katzman)
8. Conscious Club (Instrumental) (ft. Richie Rodriguez)
9. Smile Meditation (ft. Tyler Duncan)
10. Guided Smile Meditation (ft. Mushy Krongold)