Today, Vulfpeck has released their long-awaited, eighth studio album, Hill Climber. The funk quartet has consistently released a collection of studio recordings every year since their official inception in 2011Prior to today’s album release, Vulfpeck slowly released music videos for “Lost My Treble Long Ago”, “Soft Parade”, “It Gets Funkier IV”, “Lonely Town”, “Darwin Derby“, and “Love Is A Beautiful Thing“–giving fans a taste of what was to come.

“Love is a Beautiful Thing” was written by Vulf vocalist and guitarist Theo Katzman and features guest vocalist Monica Martin. In addition to the rest of the core four rhythm section (Joe Dart on bass, Woody Goss on Wurlitzer, Jack Stratton on drums), frequent collaborators Cory Wong (baritone guitar) and Joey Dosik (alto sax) are also featured on the track, which originally appeared on Theo Katzman’s solo album, Heartbreak Hits.

“Darwin Derby”, written by vocalist and guitarist Theo Katzman and frequent collaborator and vocalist Antwaun Stanley, also features guitarist Cory Wong and pianist Joey Dosik in addition to the usual suspects. With a chorus of “Gotta be an early birdy if you want that worm!” and animal claymation coloring the screen, this groovy number will 100% inspire you to get out of bed in the morning. So, “shine up your fins and show your teeth. Shake off your skin and clap your feet! Open your wings and start to fly, it’s a beautiful day to be alive.” Alright!

“Lonely Town” once again features Katzman on lead vocals and guitar, Jack Stratton on drums, Joe Dart on the “upright bass” a.k.a. electric bass on a vertical stand (so silly!!!), and Woody Goss on keys. Written and performed by Katzman, “Lonely Town” is a sexy ode to loneliness that adds yet another light-hearted love song to the band’s growing repertoire. With perhaps the most “serious” lyrics in Vulfpeck’s catalog to date, the song distinctly belongs to Theo Katzman and perhaps reveals a trend of different “Towns” within the band’s world (see “Dean Town” and “Hero Town“).

Along with today’s release of Hill Climber, Vulfpeck has shared a new music video for “Half Of The Way”, written by Ryan Lerman and Larry Goldings. With Katzman leading the way on vocals, the soul-drenched new tune see’s Vulfpeck’s softer side, accompanied by some silky-smooth backing vocals. Watch Vulpecks new “Half Of The Way” video below:

Vulfpeck ft. Theo Katzman – “Half Of The Way”

[Video: Vulf]

Hill Climber showcases the diverse talents of the band as they continue to trade instruments, feature artists, and allow for Theo Katzman–who remains a core piece of the Vulfpeck instrumental section while also displaying his innate ability to sing and write songs– to deliver his own originals in a capacity that otherwise has not been as extensively explored by Vulfpeck as a band.

Vulfpeck’s new studio release includes ten total tracks and features special guest collaborations with vocalist Monica Martin, vocalist Mike Viola, and multi-instrumentalist Louis Cole (KNOWER) and featured vocals from Theo Katzman and Antwaun Stanley.

To stream Hill Climber on Spotify, click here. Head here to purchase a digital copy of Hill Climber, and here for the vinyl release.

Vulfpeck’s Hill Climber Tracklisting:


Half of the Way (feat. Theo Katzman)
Darwin Derby (feat. Theo Katzman & Antwaun Stanley)
Lonely Town (feat. Theo Katzman)
Love is a Beautiful Thing (feat. Theo Katzman & Monica Martin)
For Survival (feat. Mike Viola)


Soft Parade
Lost My Treble Long Ago
Disco Ulysses (Instrumental)
The Cup Stacker
It Gets Funkier IV (feat. Louis Cole)

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