Vulfpeck is back with a groovy new single, “New Guru”, from the band’s forthcoming album, Schvitz. Written by Jack Stratton and Jacob Jeffries, the track has a fun ’70s dance vibe, with a driving four-on-the-floor disco drum beat played by Theo Katzman, solid bass work by Joe Dart, and a brief sax solo by Joey Dosik.

Following previously released singles “Sauna” and “Earworm”, “New Guru” is the third Schvitz track Vulfpeck has released. Singer Antwaun Stanley takes the lead with support from Jeffries, Dosik, and Katzman on background vocals, delivering playfully profound lyrics about the need for guidance on the road to salvation:

When there’s wrinkles in your sleeves,
You take off your shirt and you steam it,
When there’s dishes piled high in the sink,
You get out the sponge and start cleanin’,
These menial tasks distract from the fact,
There’s a hole in your soul like a wall has a crack,
You put off the repairs, pretend they’re not there,
You fail to address the mess ’cause you’re scared,
So you look for a source to carry the weight,
To lighten the load of a soul gone astray,
To wake you up and get you through the day,
Cut through the brush, show you the way,
You gotta find you a new, find you another, find you a new guru.

Watch the video for Vulfpeck’s “New Guru”—filmed in the same sauna/studio (and outfits) as the previous Schvitz singles—in the player below.

Schvitz is available to pre-order on vinyl from Qrates via Vulfpeck’s website now until January 2nd, 2023, with the website noting, “Records are shipped typically 2-3 months from the project’s end date once after the project has successfully ended. *Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on any schedule changes at the pressing plant and the artist’s ability to submit production assets.” Schvitz merch is available here.

Vulfpeck – “New Guru”

Vulfpeck – “Earworm”