Vulfpeck has revealed details for a steamy new album, Schvitz (a Yiddish bath). Set to arrive in 2023, the announcement arrives alongside the lead single, “Sauna”.

“Sauna” is a groove, plain and simple. The depth chart is deep on this one, sporting the usual cast of characters including Woody Goss (Wurlitzer, composer), Cory Wong (guitar), Joe Dart (bass), Joey Dosik (piano), Jack Stratton (drums, mixing, composer), Theo Katzman (vocals), Antwaun Stanley (vocals), and even Rivers the dog. The song is a straightforward bounce that slides down the wall like condensation.

“Fresh NEW album from the PECK / didn’t have THAT on your 2022 bingo CARD,” the group wrote. “recorded in a sauna in secret / all good tunes. that feel GOOD.”

Pre-orders for Schvitz are open now on Qrates with pressings for the U.S., U.K., and Japan. The crowdfunded campaign is open through January 2nd, 2023, with the website noting “Records are shipped typically 2-3 months from the project’s end date once after the project has successfully ended.
* Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on any schedule changes at the pressing plant and the artist’s ability to submit production assets.”

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Schvitz will signal Vulfpeck’s first album since 2020’s The Joy of Music, the Job of Real Estate. The new album connects with the theme surrounding Vulfpeck’s set back in July at Levitate Music & Arts Festival in Massachusetts, the band’s first live performance since 2019. For the set, the band dressed in robes and hats similar to the “Sauna” music video, with Theo Katzman even taking an ice bath at one point.

Vulfpeck – “Sauna” (Official Video)

Schvitz Tracklist


New Guru
All That’s Left Of Me Is You
Simple Step


In Heaven
Serve Somebody
Romanian Drinking Song

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