Vulfpeck has announced an album release telethon livestream for the band’s new album, Schvitz, that is set to take place on New Year’s Day (1/1/23) at 1:00 p.m. PT. Recorded secretly in a sauna—or “schvitz” in Yiddish—the album marks the first release from Vulfpeck since 2020’s The Joy of Music, the Job of Real Estate.

Featuring Antwaun Stanley, Theo Katzman, Woody Goss, Cory Wong, Joe Dart, Joey Dosik, and Jack Stratton, the new album connects with the theme surrounding Vulfpeck’s set back in July at Levitate Music & Arts Festival in Massachusetts, the band’s first live performance since 2019. For the set, the band dressed in robes and hats similar to the “Sauna” music video, with Theo Katzman even taking an onstage ice bath at one point.

Among the album’s ten tracks are previously released singles “Sauna”, “Earworm”, “New Guru”, “All That’s Left Of Me Is You”, “Simple Step”, and the newly released acoustic single “In Heaven”. Watch the live in-studio (or in-sauna?) video for “In Heaven” below, and scroll down to view the Schvitz album tracklist.

Schvitz is available to pre-order on vinyl via Qrates until January 2nd. The website notes, “Records are shipped typically 2-3 months from the project’s end date once after the project has successfully ended.”

Vulfpeck will celebrate the album’s release with a telethon livestream event on New Year’s Day. The band shared few details about the program, telling fans to join its email list to receive a link to the livestream.

Vulfpeck – “In Heaven”

Schvitz Track List: 


New Guru
All That’s Left Of Me Is You
Simple Step


In Heaven
Serve Somebody
Romanian Drinking Song
What Did You Mean By Love?