Vulfpeck has shared a live video for a new track, “Test Drive” to the band’s YouTube channel. The instrumental track arrives in the familiar Vulfpeck aesthetic style, capturing a live take by the band in a home studio.

Though the talented members of Vulfpeck are known for switching instruments on any given song, “Test Drive” features an unusual player behind the kit: guitarist Cory Wong. The recording also features Richie Rodriguez, the noted percussionist who taught Vulfpeck’s Theo Katzman when he was an aspiring young drummer.

While the song itself is an instrumental, text scrolls up across the screen as the song goes on, much like we saw in 2019’s “Disco Ulysses” video. Unlike “Disco Ulysses”, however, the scrolling lines seem as though they would function as lyrics to the song. We wouldn’t be surprised if the band goes that route eventually—it certainly wouldn’t be the first time this band added lyrics to a previously released instrumental—but telegraphing would-be lyrics is a new trick. Perhaps, it’s a challenge: Alright, Vulfpeck fans. Here are the lyrics. Get going on the melody. Cue the cascade of fan videos in three, two, one…

Watch the newly-shared “Test Drive (Instrumental)” video and view the full listing of credits below:

Vulfpeck – “Test Drive” (Instrumental)

[Video: Vulf]

VULFPECK – “Test Drive (Instrumental)” – Credits

Jack Stratton — guitar, mixing, composer
Theo Katzman — guitar
Joe Dart — joe dart bass
Richie Rodriguez — congas
Joey Dosik — piano
Cory Wong — drums
Woody Goss — organ
Jeremy McDonald — engineer
Jordan Rose — camera

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In other Vulf-related news, Vulfpeck offshoot outfit The Fearless Flyers just announced the coming release of their first full-length album, Tailwinds. Listen to the album’s first single, “Nate Smith is the Ace of Aces”, here.