Vulfpeck offered fans another preview of the band’s forthcoming new album, Vulf Vault 005: Wongs Cafe, with the second single, “Disco De Lune”. The eclectic funk ensemble’s first album of all-new material in over a year is out on January 7th.

As the title may dictate, “Disco De Lune” is centered around an infectiously danceable backbeat courtesy of drummer Theo Katzman. It’s all hands on deck as a triple-team of keyboards builds a dense layer of instrumentation with Jack Stratton and Woody Goss on piano and Joey Dosik on Rhodes. The trifecta of keys creates a melodic substitute for lyrics that sounds strangely familiar. Vulfpeck shows its hand at the very end with a clear homage to Achille-Claude Debussy‘s “Claire De Lune”, yet another inspiration for the title from the classically-minded group.

The new, Cory Wong-produced album features ten new instrumental compositions from the band, making it Vulfpeck’s first LP since 2020’s The Joy of Music, The Job of Real EstateWongs Cafe comes as the fifth installment of the Vulf Vault series, which previously saw each member cull together an exclusive vinyl release from previously unheard material and other sources. For the prolifically-productive guitarist, however, the band decided to get together and make an entirely new album for wide release.

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Wong noted of the new album in an Instagram post last week, “since we don’t do a lot of shows, we usually book a studio in the town we’re playing in to record new songs for a couple days…and also just so we have more time to hang out together (we all live in different cities). … a few songs were recorded in Denver just before our last Red Rocks show. one was from the day after our LA show at the Greek. a couple songs are things Woody and i collab’d on via emails. a couple things recorded in hotel rooms, airbnbs, and my kitchen … a wide variety of things that Jack challenged me to produce and put together for this album. so stoked with it and absolutely love and cherish my friends that i got to make this music with [sic].”

Watch the in-studio video for “Disco De Lune”, the new single from Vulfpeck set to appear on Vulf Vault 005: Wongs Cafe. Vinyl is available here for pre-order.

Vulfpeck – “Disco De Lune”