Vulfpeck consistently puts together some of the tightest funk-based instrumentals, drawing comparisons to The Funk Brothers and other motown backing bands of yore. Their leader, Jack Stratton, recently spoke about these comparisons and how best to use their music in a new interview with Stanford Daily.

“I want people to perceive it as we put in the time to get tight as a rhythm section instrumentally, and now we’re ready to start backing up these amazing vocalists, provide a nice tight groove for them because we put in the work trying just on our own,” says Stratton. “I’m very excited about that, and it was kind of a part of the initial vision to be backing people up.”

The interview then brings up the recent hip-hop/Vulfpeck mashup playlist that recently circulated, Vulfmatic (listen here), asking if Vulfpeck would ever back a hip hop artist. “We want to do some of that. I always thought we’d be sampled by now, but that’s just not happening. Yeah, I’m a big fan of Anderson .Paak and Knowledge and Kendrick Lamar’s new albums. So yeah, I’m open to it. I’m not too knowledgeable, so it would have to be someone else kind of calling the shots, but definitely.” He continues, “Yeah, we’re trying to get sampled somehow. I don’t know how it works. Some of this stuff, like Fugue State and basically that “Vulfmatic” record, proved it. [Our music] is great for sampling, so hopefully it’ll get in the hands of the right producers.”

We’d certainly love to hear some Vulfpeck hip hop grooves! Let’s hope this happens, as it would make for some great music.