A warrant has recently been issued for the arrest of one-time rapper, ‘Tim Dog’, who has allegedly faked his own death. In February, his death was reported by rap magazine, The Source, evidently caused by a seizure brought on by complications from diabetes.

However, mystery and doubt surround the death following, “lack of death certificate or of a burial site and sparse obituary information”.  In August 2011, ‘Tim Dog’, or Timothy Blair, was sentenced to jail for larceny after he schemed over $30,000 from a Mississippi woman he met on an Internet dating site. He conned other women into investing money in alleged albums he was producing, as well.  Blair even convinced one Dutch woman to invest in “a fake European tour of black male strippers called the Chocolate Fantasy Tour.” It is believed he faked his own death in attempt to avoid paying damages owed to the various scammed women.

The rapper seems to be capitalizing off the false death via a Harlem church tribute in his name and a PayPal account created for donations, which are sent to his daughter. The prosecutor in the Mississippi woman’s case, who “told the AP he wasn’t able to find any proof of Blair’s death”, has primarily, prompted this warrant. Tim Dog is famous for his East Coast Anthem, “Fuck Compton”, from the ’90′s.