Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine was in London partying it up last week, as there is video circulating that shows her singing with a band called Sourberry to Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky” and Gossip‘s “Standing in the Way of Control.” Welch definitely looks a little loose during the impromptu performance with the five-piece cover band, as we can see at the 1:20 minute mark of the video, as she walks to the front of the stage, puts her head back and takes a shot of what looks like tequila, only to toss the empty shot glass to the side.

It’s not exactly the typical performance you would expect from the superstar, but it’s definitely awesome to watch her having a good time, and to think about what was going through the members of the band’s minds.

Here is the video:

[thanks to Consequence of Sound for the story]