This past weekend, something incredible happened. Phish played their first destination festival in Riviera Maya, Mexico for three nights of straight tropical thunder. The community is still buzzing with the after-effects in what was undoubtedly their best Phish experience to date.

In attempt to share the un-shareable moments with those who did not make it, and from a perspective unbeknownst to humans, one particular rebelde launched a drone over the dancing fans presumably during Sunday’s show when they played ‘Yarmouth Road’.

Phish Debuts Led Zeppelin’s ‘The Ocean’ During Jam-Fueled Mexico Finale [Recap]

The YouTube poster apparently “knows a guy who knows a drone guy” that “shot this phish video before getting his ass kicked out only to paddle board right back in…because its phish, and musics more important than money or laws. remember footloose?! CHA”.

To the drone guy, you are our hero. Watch the marvelous spectacle below:

[H/T JamBase]