The final installment of Jambase’s exciting “Songs Of Their Own” series is really something to behold. After 50 days of Grateful Dead covers, including a great performance of “Stella Blue” by John Scofield and John Medeski, Jambase brought on charity organization Playing For Change to feature musicians worldwide covering the song “Ripple”.

While the video certainly includes familiar names, including Bill Kreutzmann, David Crosby, and Jimmy Buffett, musicians the world over were included in the footage. Musicians from Ghana, Italy, and Israel all make appearances, as well as regional musicians across America. It’s a moving tribute, no doubt.

In a statement, Kreutzmann called the clip “a gift from the fans.” Meanwhile, Playing for Change co-founder Mark Johnson said, “the ‘ripple effect’ is that the next generation gets to learn to play music all over the world.”

Enjoy, and thanks for the music Jambase!

[Via Playing for Change]