While we are always trying to bring you the best news and latest updates in the music world, there always has to be room for the events that help those that are less fortunate.  Our good friends at Water Collective is a group that we truly believe is making a difference the right way, which is why Live for Live Music would like to help spread the word about this great organization that is doing great things and deserves all the credit that they can get.

Water Collective strives to help those in Africa that have no functioning source of water, or systems that simply do not work anymore.  Water Collective secures life-lasting clean water through robust solution and economic empowerment.  Their big picture approach to the ongoing water crisis tackles the economic hardships millions have faced to keep water sources running.  Not only do they help communities build a water source, or fix broken ones, but they seek out the most sustainable long-term options, all while educating and training villagers on how to fix their own water sources in the future.

And the proof of what they do is in the facts.  As Water Collective Co-Founder and Water Projects Director Josh Braunstein states:

After our incredibly successful Winter Benefit at the tail end 2012, we were able to raise a pretty penny to bring over 6,500 people sustainable water solutions in Cameroon.  Through our fundraising and organization, we have saved nearly 30,000 hours for residents of Cameroon that spend 7 HOURS A DAY walking to and from a water source just so they can get water.  This is the direct result of what we at the Water Collective have been able to do quickly and efficiently.”

If you have the time on Thursday night to attend their Spring Benefit, please do so.  There is a lot to learn about what Water Collective is actually doing to help those in need get the one true thing in life that everybody needs to survive – Water.  Without that, life simply can’t sustain itself.  L4LM’s buddies Business Casual Disco will be providing some beats to the evening’s festivities, so you will still be able to get your dance on (which is always important).
Here are the details:
The event takes place at The Griffin on Thursday, May 9th – tickets can be purchased for $40 in advance (http://watercollective.eventbrite.com/) but if you are unable to make it, a one-time donation or signing up for monthly charitable giving through the Water Collective website would be an amazing help (plus you can write it off on your taxes!)
You can learn more about Water Collective here