The Flaming Lips‘ unapologetically awesome singer and principal songwriter, Wayne Coyne, operates in his own little world sometimes. A bubble if you will. So it only made sense that the psychedelic rock singer entered said bubble (literally) to get married to his longtime girlfriend Katy Weaver over the weekend.

The two exchanged nuptials during a rooftop ceremony held in the band’s hometown of Oklahoma City on Saturday. According to a lengthy post shared by Coyne to his Instagram on Monday, the ceremony took place atop the PLENTY Mercantile, where guests including Miley Cyrus were treated to the lovely wedding which included both Coyne and Weaver trading vows inside the lifesize plastic bubble, which the singer is known to roll around in during his performances. The venue also shared a lovely, sunlit photo of the rooftop area where the ceremony took place, which showcases where the bubble stood a the foot of the aisle where the officiating would take place.

The giant bubble has been used in past concert performances by Coyne as a way to get out there in the audience like a giant gerbil. Although the two picked an unusually cool way to bring their lives together, the other photos shared by Coyne are much more standard in terms of traditional wedding attire. Reports have yet to state whether or not the newlyweds rolled their way back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Coyne, but they at least made sure to share the news that they’re also expecting their first child together with a baby boy due in the near future.

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The Flaming Lips released their fourteenth studio album back in January 2017 with Oczy Mlody. It was during the tour in support of that album where Coyne made nightly use of that bubble of his, as he would walk atop the audience while performing a cover of David Bowie‘s “Space Oddity”.

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