New York City’s Webster Hall is set to reopen its newly-refurbished doors with a show featuring hometown hero Jay Z tonight, April 26th. The popular Manhattan venue, which was originally built in 1886 and renovated in 1992, has spent the last year-and-a-half undergoing renovations which began back in August 2017. As the venue looks to reopen for business beginning this week, its new owners, Brooklyn Sports Entertainment, have finally shared the first photos of its new interior, giving local fans a glimpse inside Webster Hall 3.0.

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As seen in the newly-shared photos below, areas of the three-level venue including lounges, bars, and decor have all been given a facelift. In addition to major interior changes, fans will notice upon arrival that Webster will also have a new entryway on E. 11th Street. A new lounge that was once the venue’s smaller Marlin Room performance space is now a massive room meant to welcome attendees.

The priority of the lengthy renovations was to make the venue’s Grand Ballroom–the largest performance space on the top floor–the main focus. The room has been refurbished with a new state-of-the-art sound system and lighting rig, along with updated acoustics developed by Arup and Sonic Designs. Other noticeable changes include the relocation of the Grand Ballroom bar from the middle of the room to stage right in hopes of preventing crowd bottlenecks, the installation of elevators, updated bathrooms, and new dressing rooms for artists and performers.

“We wanted to ensure that we were true to the spirit and the history of the venue,” CEO of BSE Global Brett Yormark mentioned in a statement on the initial goal of the renovation process. “There are many traditions and characteristics we maintained, while other aspects have been contemporized to adapt to today’s standards.”

Fans can check out the photos below to see some of the new updates to the venue’s interior. Fans can also visit the venue’s website for the complete listing (and tickets) for upcoming performances.

Renovated Welcome Lounge (Formerly the Marlin Room)

Webster Hall 2019 Reopening
New Bar Space

Webster Hall Reopening 2019

New Design Layout In The Lounge

Webster Hall 2019 Reopening

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