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Watch A Drummer And Bassist MonoNeon Cover A Charlie Rant From ‘It’s Always Sunny’

Fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia can get behind a new video that’s recently gone viral. In the video, Irish drummer David Dockery plays the drums along to a clip from the show’s classic episode, “Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack,” highlight the percussive nature of dialog in the show. In the tenth episode of season four, Charlie and Mac pose as mailroom workers at a company to get health insurance, and Charlie potentially stumbles into a conspiracy theory involving an individual named Pepe Silvia and Carol of HR. In Dockery’s video, the drummer perfectly punctuates Charlie’s ravings as he explains his theory to Mac, and the two argue about it. You can check out the video below of the percussive take on the It’s Always Sunny clip below, courtesy of the drummer. Plus for an added bonus, check out the video posted by Prince’s former bassist, MonoNeon, who added some bass to Dockery’s original video, below.

(Side note: as a fun fact about the roots of Charlie’s conspiracy, some anonymous geniuses on the Internet have posited that Charlie, who’s known for his difficulties with reading comprehension, is misreading Pennsylvania as Pepe Silvia and the attention line, Care of HR, as Carol of HR, which makes a lot of sense but totally blew my mind.)