The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival has been a staple event in Ohio’s bubbling music scene since its establishment in 2010. Festival hosts The Werks are gearing up to celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary, bringing awareness to musical styles that hold the backbone of the vibrant music scene in the Midwest while fostering a unique community of friendship and a “musical family” between fans and musicians. With so many festival options, it can be difficult to choose which ones to “send it” to. That’s why we made your decision a lot easier, with 10 solid reasons to rage with The Werks at this year’s 10th anniversary Werk Out Festival.

Reason One: Last Werks Show Of 2019

After 14 years of non-stop touring, festival hosts The Werks are taking the rest of 2019 off to recharge and write some music. This is your last chance to see them this year.

The Werks, The Werkout 2010

Reason 2: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Set

This year’s ‘The Wall’ set was inspired by the 2014 performance with a musical collaboration between The Werks, Papadosio, and Dopapod. The video is chillingly epic every time it’s watched.

“Dark Side Of The Moon Jam” – The Werk Out Festival 2014

[Video: The Werk Out Music and Arts Festival]

Reason 3: We Are The Champions: A Tribute Set To Queen

With the global success of the 2018 Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, fans are hearing more Queen music and covers than ever. This year’s festival will feature a whole set of the famous rock band’s music played by members of Turkuaz, Papadosio, Dopapod, The Werks, and The Motet for the ultimate royalty mashup.

The Werks, The Werks Queen, The Werks Queen Tribute, Queen Tribute

Reason 4: Legend Valley

The festival takes place at Legend Valley, a historic concert venue and campground that has housed the likes of The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, ZZTop, and countless others who have all left a permanent footprint in the jam community. Other festivals held at Legend Valley include Lost Lands Festival, Dark Star Jubilee, and WCOL Country Jam.

The Werk Out Music and Arts Festival Official 2019

[Video: The Werk Out Music and Arts Festival]

Reason 5: Werkshops

Werkshops started in 2014 by the IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education. IKS travels around to music festivals and other events promoting education, exploration, and community while making a difference in the world. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization with donations and qualifying tax deductible expenses, they’re a volunteer-run grassroots organization which focuses on individual participation and community development.


Examples of previous werkshops include:

– The Toa of Tai’Chi Chuan
– ‘Project Food Revolution: Maintaining a Healthy Temple with Alternative Ingredients’
– ‘Morning Guided Meditation’
– ‘Introduction to Beat Boxing’
– ‘Yoga Fusion’
– ‘Birthing Teams: Taking Back the Birthing Process’
– ‘Sage Smudging in the Native American Tradition’
– ‘The Feminine Divine: Sophian Gnosticism and the Magdalene Mary’
– ‘Community Building Through Music’
– ‘How to Care for Your Drum: Tuning to Re-heading’
– ‘Make Your Own Icecream’
– ‘Marijuana vs Alcohol Prohibition and the Role of Women’ with TX NORML’
– “Pollution, Regulations, and the Modern Environment’
– ‘Kombucha 101’
– ‘Connecting the Dots: the Power of 3’
– ‘Alternative History: History of Protest in the U.S.
– ‘Introduction to Numerology and Occult Theory’
– ‘Reggae Music History’
– ‘The Universe Moves: Vibrational frequencies and the world around you’
– ‘Kundalini Yoga for Sexual Energy Transformation’
– Small Homestead Chicken Farming’
– ‘Belly Dancing 101’
– ‘Connecting the Dots: Understanding Serpentine Energy (The Socratic Method)’
– ‘Hemp Education: How Industrial Hemp and Marijuana Differ’
– ‘Let Your Song Shine: Practical and Intuitive Songwriting’

Reason 6: Influencers

There will be a handful of well-known and loved personalities on-site at this year’s festival including:

Cannabis activist, Happy Tokes, with a mission to thoughtfully engage in meaningful dialogue with followers surrounding wellness, mental & physical health, and of course, cannabis and hemp. Madison will be doing a HappyTokesTribe meet up on all three days of the festival.

Olympic snowboarder and silver medalist, Kyle Mack, who is a huge fan of Big Gigantic, STS9, and the Pink Floyd set which he will attend. In regards to attending this year’s festival, Mack says, “Excited to kick it with some of the dopest artists in music right now and just have a good time with some good friends!”

Visual performing artist and social media influencer Amy Inspiral will be hooping for our delight! Her mission for the Werk Out is to bring positive energy, some awesome hoop skills, & funky vibes for all to soak in.

Mental health advocates and festival superstars Roochute, known as the Parachute People, will also be on-site to promote happiness, kindness, community-building, and stress-reducing interactive performance art and wellness experiences.

Reason 7: Intimacy

Werk Out is not a massive festival where one easily loses their friends in the blink of an eye, yet it’s big enough to not know everyone. Want to be front row? Go for it. Want to hang back and meet up later? No totems needed. Fans have ample time to get to know their neighbors and werk it out with them. Speaking of “werking it out,” a lot of the Werk Out artists are friends with the fans and each other, and even helped us celebrate with this Beatles video:

“We Can Werk It Out”

[Video: The Werk Out Music and Arts Festival]

Reason 8: Werk Out 10th Anniversary

The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival is one of the best festivals in the scene for both music and art lovers, and has drawn attention from so many different jam-friendly fans. Many folks don’t know that it’s an independent festival started by The Werks themselves, and this is its 10th-anniversary celebration. For perspective, Electric Forest turns 10 next year! The festival honors its dedication to the community, and it is a strong, vibrant one at that. The shared experiences in an outdoor setting attract a multitude of artisans, vendors, performance artists, and festival-goers who all participate in a celebration that inspires love of life.

The Werk Out, The Werk Out Festival

Reason 9: Theme Nights

Have you ever been to a festival that gets all dressed up from head to toe? If you have, it’s likely not at the level that this is. In previous years they’ve done 90’s and construction but this year’s themes will be better than ever:

Toga Thursday: Travel back to Ancient Rome. Grab your toga and channel your inner conqueror. Remember, when in Rome in the Valley, do as the Romans do.

Aliens And Astronauts Friday: This isn’t rocket science–Put on your best space-related gear and get ready for intergalactic bliss between Big Gigantic and STS9.

Under The Sea Saturday: With nods to the Trancident, don’t get tide down, grab your seashells and go all out! From mermaids to Nemos to beach bums to Spongebob, make shore to make a splash.

The Werk Out Festival, The Werk Out themes

Reason 10: Artist Community Involvement

The Werk Out Festival has enlisted the collaboration and brainpower of 30+ creatives and artists from across the U.S. to adorn Legend Valley with rare, exotic underwater design, aquatic inspired installations, roaming characters (inclusive of mermaids and sea creatures), immersive art, and exploratory spaces. There will be surprises at every turn for all to discover.