With a devoted fanbase, countless live recordings, and the will to tour the country year round, Ohio-based jammers The Werks have established themselves as a staple in the jam world over the last decade, and have recently announced a special late-night show on April 29th at Howlin Wolf in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. The group will perform in The Den at the Wolf before, during, and after sets from Break Science Live Band and The Russ Liquid Test, plus purchasing a ticket for Break Science lets you access both sides of the venue (get tickets here).

With the recent release of their latest LP, Magic, The Werks have continued to evolve sonically and from a songwriting perspective. Drummer Rob Chafin discussed the band’s latest effort, saying, “This is a recording of the music that’s in our souls. . . . In a way, the past decade has been leading to this moment. We play and write together so seamlessly now. We’re able to channel the inspiration in our hearts out into our instruments and come at this from a pure place.”

[courtesy of FunkItBlog]

Break Science has deep roots in the rich musical culture of New York City, and Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee’s music mimics the city’s diversity as they blend elements of hip-hop, dub, jazz, and trip-hop effortlessly to create their unique sound. With Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff, Eric “Jesus” Coomes, Eric “Benny” Bloom, and Ryan Zoidis of Lettuce rounding out the live band lineup, Break Science’s music will be elevated to another level for this special late-night Jazz Fest performance.

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With the October release of the 80’s-infused electro/funk album 1984, The Russ Liquid Test continues their exploration of modern dance music, all the while keeping their New Orleans vibe alive and well. Russ Liquid teams up with producer and accomplished brass player Russell Scott, guitarist Andrew Block, and drummer Deven Trusclair to deliver a groove-oriented sound that evokes classic funk/soul/R&B stylings, but with its own futuristic spin.

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With Break Science, The Russ Liquid Test, and The Werks, their lineup is a guaranteed recipe for a serious late-night get-down. Together, these groups will bring the non-stop vibes to you on Saturday, April 29 at the Howlin’ Wolf. Tickets for this special late-night performance are currently on-sale here. For show updates and additional information, join the Facebook event page here.

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