Wes Anderson has become an iconic director of our time. Known for his distinct symmetrical shot frames (please do yourself a favor and check out Accidentally Wes Anderson if you haven’t already), pastel hues, meticulous details, and whimsical storylines, the critically acclaimed director surged into popularity after hits like The Royal TenenbaumsMoonrise KingdomThe Grand Budapest Hotel, and most recently, the stop-motion masterpiece Isle Of Dogs.

Normally, Anderson takes his sweet time creating films, infrequently releasing movies in a close timeframe. However, as a followup to 2018’s Isle Of Dogs, a French newspaper, Charente Libre, reports that Anderson is currently creating a musical set in post-World War II France. While details about the new project are sparse, the movie is set to film in late 2018 or late 2019. Given Anderson’s past body of work, it’s likely that his go-to muse, Bill Murray, will make an appearance—a hunch that’s even more so likely given that Murray himself has been flexing his musical muscles as of late, touring as a contemporary classical musician with a string quartet.

Regardless, if we know anything about Wes Anderson, this new film is going to be whimsical as fuck, and we’re here for it.

[H/T Consequence Of Sound]