Sheets Energy Strips thought they had a brilliant promotional idea: Incite the Internet to like their local Walmart on Facebook, and send the totally not annoying Pitbull to whichever Walmart receives the most likes by July 15. Well, the hilarious guys from Something Awful have rallied their troops in an effort to send Pitbull to the most remote Walmart in America, located in Kodiak, Alaska.

Currently, the Kodiak Walmart’s Facebook page has over 30,600 likes – five times the city’s population of 6,130. There doesn’t seem to be an official standings list, so just keep encouraging people to Like the Facebook page if you really want Pitbull to head to the frozen tundra. Hopefully, while he’s there, he can leave that Men In Black song with the random fake dustup drop. Seriously, leave the Men In Black songs to Will Smith. I think he’s got that on lock.

You can follow the mission on Twitter by searching #ExilePitbull.